Friday, March 6, 2009

Tonight Ryan sat in the corner chair. He wasn't overly interested in the piano, but he tolerated sitting there really well. I know it's a lot of work for him.

We also did some pushing exercises to strengthen his legs. I thought you might enjoy checking out the video. Yes, I have a cold right now, and no, I don't have an amazing singing voice. But, you're welcome to turn off your volume if I scare you. hahaha... hopefully it's not that bad.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rice Cereal

The doctor gave us the go ahead this week to start introducing food to Ryan. We need to take it extra slow following the normal precautions about food allergies, and we also need to watch for any signs of choking or digestion issues. So, tonight Ryan tried rice cereal for the first time ... just plain rice cereal. He really enjoyed eating it! Imagine what he's going to think about peaches!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jacob's First Court of Honor

Jacob had his first Court of Honor tonight. He has worked hard over the past few months. He earned his Tenderfoot, 1st Class and 2nd Class ranks. He also received his first aid, fingerprinting, swimming, motor boating merit badges. We're very proud of him!

Cool New Therapy Tools

Today Ryan's Occupational Therapist and Developmental Therapists brought by some new therapeutic "toys." These chairs are called "corner chairs." They are designed to help children strengthen the muscles required to sit. The cushioned pad in the middle of the seat on the one below is especially helpful for little ones who keep their legs pinned together. (Ryan doesn't do this. He is exactly opposite. His legs fall open at the hips in this shape <> instead of like this ||.) This first chair is professionally made and costs more than $400.

This is also a corner chair, but it's a homemade corner chair. It will basically serve the same purpose. The chair forces the little ones arms in a forward direction. This is really helpful with Ryan. He tends to keep his arms, especially his right arm, pinned behind him. By forcing the arms forward it helps to stabilize the body, which will hopefully strengthen Ryan's core muscles so that eventually he can sit on his own.

They also brought this table, for Ryan not Deborah but she sure loves it! The table is the perfect little size to slide right up next to the child when they are seated in a corner chair. With the table in front of the child, they can rest their arms on the table. These next 2 pictures are of toys the therapists use with older children. The reason they brought them was to show some of the "hand made" toys that can be donated to the therapists. They are pretty simple in design, and are very plain. They just require cuts, extra good sanding, and a plain stain or sealer. Everything has to be child safe. We wouldn't want to give a child lead poisoning. So, do you know any future Eagle Scouts who are looking for a meaningful project? Or, anyone who enjoys cutting wood? The kids and I would be happy to do the sanding and staining. I'd be happy to cut the wood if I just knew how. But, I do think these projects would be great for a Scout looking for an Eagle project.