Friday, September 27, 2013

Why Not?

Wednesday night I went shopping for fabric to make a quick quilt.  I had Johnathon and Deborah with me and since I always feel very overwhelmed at picking out colors for projects, I asked for their help.  With a bit of effort ... okay two trips and a near anxiety attack, I found these fabrics and was trying to find three other fabrics to match them:

Deborah and Johnathon were good sports and were giving their opinions.   I had been told my a neighbor who whips up quilts that I needed 3 or 5 fabrics to make a quilt.  After a few minutes, I thought I found a great match for this fabric and received confirmation from the kiddos that it did indeed work well.  However, a grandmotherly ginger shopper with glasses perched on her nose and a brightly colored quilted jacket just couldn't keep silent any longer.  Shaking her head, she said, "No.  These are not fabrics for a man."  Then she proceeded to spend the next 20 minutes explaining to me the art of fabric choices for quilting.  My head was spinning but I was really appreciative.  I really would have appreciated if she had just picked the fabric and put them in my cart.  But, no, after leaving me with advice like, "Don't forget you need texture and movement..." she left. 

I felt more knowledgeable perhaps, but still incapable of matching fabrics.  So, I picked up the two that she used as examples of movement and texture.  Luckily, they came in a "set."  I found all the colors they came in and bought them.  Here's what I  ended up with...

It's nothing fancy, but it was a fun quick project and I'm thankful I was able to do it.   I hope it's enjoyed.

Monday, September 23, 2013


Dwight shared this on his Facebook status tonight.  I thought it was so typical of both Dwight and Deborah that I just had to keep it forever.  Here's what he said:

So the other night it was time for my youngest daughter Deborah (age 7) to go to bed, but she was taking her time.
Me: "It is almost 9 o'clock. That is when the monsters come out."
Deborah: "I'm not afraid of monsters anymore. I got rid of them all."
That's my girl...