Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Heart Wrenching

Today has been an interesting day here at Disney World. We had planned to start our day early at Epcot and then at 12.15 we were to check in for the AquaSeas Tour. We had scheduled it this way because they had been predicted storms during the day.

Well at 12.15, we went to check in and found out that "due to technical difficulties" the tour had been canceled. They aren't sure if they will be doing it all this week, but will call if they are able to do it later. We were disappointed, but Jessica and David are really good at making the best of everything.

So we just continued hanging out at Epcot for the day. Sometime around 6 this evening, it started to rain, but by 7 pm it was pouring and I do mean pouring! My goofy children *loved* it! I stood in a red telly booth in the United Kingdom watching them play a Kim Possible Adventure.

I called home to say Hi. Dwight was holding Ryan on his lap and so Ryan could hear my voice on the phone. He started calling me, "Maaaa." Over and over again. Dwight put me on speaker phone and Ryan and I talked for a few minutes. I then realized that I probably needed to get the other 2 kids out of the lightning storm that had started. So, I told Ryan that I loved him and I would talk with him later. As Dwight was saying good bye to me, Ryan let out the most heart-wrenching, sad, sad cry that I have ever heard from him. It was horrible.

I sobbed for 20 minutes wondering if I had made a huge mistake. Had I been selfish in bringing the kids? Should I have sent Dwight with the kids? He's used to Dwight being gone? What if he thinks I'm not coming home?

I finally pulled myself back together and realized that it's totally normal for him to be sad that I'm gone. I'm thankful that he's aware of things and that he's able to communicate his feelings so well.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


We drove around today for about 2 hours looking for the local Mormon church. The address that we had online didn't seem to take us anywhere. When we followed the GPS to the address, it took us to a parking lot that was a Liquor store. Hmm... definitely not LDS. haha...

We finally found another Mormon church building using my GPS, but the last service had started at 11 am and it was after 2 pm. Well, at least we tried. It was a beautiful day to drive around and to see things. It was fun to just visit with the kids too. We took some fun pictures today. I'll post them when we get home. We didn't bring a connector thing with us.

Tomorrow's our first day at Disney World. David and I have it planned out. It would make you spontaneous people really uncomfortable. We haven't really included Jessica in all of the planning. She's more of the spontaneous type. We'll just let her think it's happening spontaneously and she'll be happy. :) But David and I will be much more content with a plan. We've read books. Big books. Several books. Studied touring plans. Talked to people. We have ideas. It'll be interesting to see how the ideas match reality.

So tomorrow is Animal Kingdom. David wants to get an early start. So I'm going to bed early tonight so that I can get some rest. We walked A LOT last night. We covered all of Downtown Disney. We were all exhausted by the time we got back to the hotel, but we had a great time!