Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cough, cough

The nurse texted me on Friday morning while I was at an appointment to say:  "Mrs, Tina, no fever, pulse ox 95% or better & color is good ... normal HR, concerned about the definite wheezing & diminished breath sounds in right lung & he's tummy breathing.... changed his position & gave 4 puffs of inhaler, very little change in breath sounds."  This was unsettling since we were already on day 7 of antibiotics (Augmentin) for a respiratory and ear infection.

So, I scheduled an appointment with the Doctor and thankfully he was able to get us right for an exam.  He agreed with the nurse's assessment and sent us for chest x-rays.  The radiologist saw chest infiltrates and sent back a diagnosis of Bronchial Pneumonia.  He gave Ryan a large dose of another antibiotic, Rocephin, a prescription for Azithromycin, and suggested we use the Ventolin inhaler 3-4 puffs ever 3-4 hours and a probiotic. 

On Saturday, Ryan pretty much slept all day long.  When he'd wake up, he'd cough and then cry.  It was obvious from the cry that he was in pain. 

This morning I was woke up by an early morning phone call.  It was the doctor's office.  They wanted to know if we could bring Ryan in to see the doctor on call.  Our doctor had asked her to see Ryan this morning to check him to make sure he was getting better.  Isn't that great?  That is one of the reasons I think he's so great!  And, the good news... Ryan's lungs did sound better today.  Yeah!

We are, of course, to stay the course.  Finish the antibiotics, protect him while his immune system is especially vulnerable and watch for any signs of deterioration. 

I am SO thankful for good men and women who dedicate so much time to providing good care to families.  I know they make sacrifices.  And, I'm thankful for all the modern technologies and medicines that allow us to treat things that used to take the lives of loved ones.  Counting my blessings.