Saturday, May 12, 2012

Spoiled for Mother's Day

I was very spoiled this year for Mother's Day.  Not that it's a new thing.  I'm always quite spoiled by my family.  Or perhaps we should call it well loved.  Sounds better, doesn't it?  This year there were two really nice gifts that I received the family.  But, it's more than just gifts for me.  It's the consideration that is always shown.

My children gave me a new GPS.  When I first received my GPS, I thought it was an unnecessary thing to have, but I have now started to rely on it.  I love having it when I travel to new cities, or when we go to Doctors, etc.

Dwight gave me a new camera. YEAH!!!  My blog will once again be complete with pictures!  I won't have to wait for someone to let me use their camera nor will I have to wait to get the pictures off their camera.  YEAH!!

So ... the first picture from my new camera...

As I took out my camera and focused on Ryan, he covered his face with hands.  I said to him, "Ryan are you hiding?"  He then uncovered his face and gave me a big smile.  It was adorable!