Monday, January 12, 2009

Groundhogs Day

Okay, do you love the background? It's kind of obnoxious, right? But here's the scoop... have you ever known ANYONE who actually celebrated Groundhogs Day ... outside of Pennsylvania ... or looked forward to it? I do. My sweetheart. Yes, he really likes Groundhogs day. I think it has to do with serving his mission in Pennsylvania. So, in honor of him I have a Groundhogs day background. Perhaps this year, I'll surprise him and celebrate the day. (Do you read this, Dwight?)

In other news ... I meet with the surgeon again tomorrow. It'll be interesting to hear what she thinks about this blasted wrist bone of mine. I don't have time for another surgery, but I need to do something to get rid of pain. You should hear the popping noise it makes now EVERY time I move my wrist. Weird, right?

On Tuesday we start co-op again with our old group. I will miss the boys we did it with last semester. They were great kids and lots of fun! I just need the women from the old group. I know this is not the best option for Jacob. He was really thriving in the situation last semester. I hope though that it will work okay for him too.

On Wednesday, we have an appointment for Ryan to see the Ophthamologist. How will they tell if he can see or not? I haven't taught him the alphabet yet? Should be interesting...

Then Thursday & Friday, are filled with the usual plus appointments with the occupational therapist, a developmental therapist, and an evaluation by a physical therapist. Busy, busy...

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