Monday, January 12, 2009

No surgery... Whew!

I went to see the hand surgeon today. After x-rays and a CT scan, she determined that she "thinks" I have tendonitis. So, she shot my wrist full of lidocaine and prednisone. I'm stuck in the blasted brace for another 6 weeks, as the bone graft has not healed completely. She also thinks she should have left me in the brace for a full 12 weeks instead of the 2 weeks that she did. (Big difference, right? 12 weeks versus 2??) Anyway ... it is what it is now. So, now I get to wear the brace for another 6 weeks. No physical therapy, and oh, she also added: "You'll lose a lot of your mobility, but you knew that already, right?" Um... no. But, as long as I can still knit when this is all said and done, I suppose it'll be fine. Who cares that I have the goofiest looking wave on earth now.

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KAP said...

All that matters is knitting. That is good, no surgery!