Sunday, February 1, 2009

Knitting and Time Management

I know I don't have time, but lately the knitting bug has really bitten me again. I finished Ryan's little striped sweater, have almost completed Deborah's gingham sweater (my challenge), and have started working again on Deborah's cabled tennis sweater. A reasonable person might think that's enough with everything else going on right now, but apparently I am not reasonable. I also started the pattern work on a size 12-18 month cabled hooded sweater in a beautiful deep red.

And, as if that's not enough ... I've started to reconsider the idea of working a "Master Knitter Certification". Sounds really geeky, right? But, I would learn so much. Plus I love the idea of having experts critique my work.

Since I can't knit while I nurse ... Ryan won't tolerate it ... I tried, I have started reading knitting stuff online. This morning I came across a GREAT website. It's not for light reading as it is really the technical stuff about knitting... just what I LOVE! In case you're interested...

Deborah, Ryan, and I are all home from church today with what may be a cold. However, I'm beginning to think I may have a flu. Not fun.

And, since I'm just jabbering away ... 2 cute little Deborah stories. Last night we went shoe shopping for the boys. (Can you believe David wears a men's size 6 and Jacob's in a men's size 7. Maybe that doesn't seem so big to some of you normal sized people ... but I wear abt a 3-5 in children's. So I think they have HUGE feet!) When we were finished shopping, we went to a sandwich shop for dinner. I was standing next to the stroller with Ryan in it. Deborah walked over and started pushing me away saying, "My Ryan. Back off. My Ryan." Cute, right? Well, it was cute when she told the kids to back off or strangers, but me? Maybe not so cute. We've discussed it and now she's agreed that Ryan is hers and mine and Dad's. No one else's.

And, then last night ... as a reminder that she is 2, oh so very 2, she decided she brought me her pj's. They consisted of pair of play pants and her "Jack" shirt. (One of Deborah's favorite movies is the Nightmare Before Christmas. We made Halloween t-shirts this year and she calls hers the "Jack shirt.") Anyway ... thinking that perhaps that was all she could find clean, I got her a real pair of pj's to put on. Daddy started to dress her and she completely flipped out! "No, I want my Jack shirt!!!" And, since we're on our 6th child and in our 40's ... she was promptly put to bed ... in her Jack shirt. :)

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