Thursday, April 23, 2009

Can we go to the Dentist?

Whenever Deborah is asked what she wants to do, her answer is always one of 2 things: Can we ride on an elevator? or, Can we go to the Dentist? Yes, our dentist is that good!

We go to the Dentist & Orthodontist office about once a month, and have for most of Deborah's 2 1/2 years of life. Dr Bob, Dr Elkins, Dr Childers, and the entire staff are super great with kids. Deborah feels very at home at their office. One of the ladies even calls her "the boss." :)

At our visit today, they had decorated for Fiesta. (For you non-San Antonio people, Fiesta is pretty much a month long celebration with a strong feel of all things hispanic.) Deborah had fun trying on this huge sombrero.
Apparently, Jacob had fun, too. PS Deborah is quite traumatized by this duck ride. She won't even go near it! Jacob was on it trying to show Deborah that it wouldn't hurt her, but Deborah still wants nothing to do with it.

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