Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Vision Therapy Toy

Ryan has a new version of Vision Therapy. Rebecca, an amazing Vision Intervention (VI) Therapist, recommends Baby Einstein's dvds for 0-3 month olds. They are called digital board books. They have simple images on a solid background.

To make it effective, I put Ryan in his swing right in front of the tv in a dark room. Then I drape a black cloth around the back of the swing to cut down on as much light as possible. This also helps to remove any distractions from his visual field. I then play the dvd with the music completely turned off. (When a child has a vision impairment, sounds can be distracting. They do not necessarily have better hearing, but they may attend more to the sounds since the vision requires more work.)

So, we've been watching this dvd almost every day and Ryan loves it! He has definite favorite images, and a couple of images that he doesn't like at all. We are so thankful for amazing therapists who have suggestions like this. I would have never put any of my other babies this close to the tv, but when it's prescribed by a therapist, what's a Mom to do but enjoy the opportunity to get a few things done. :)

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