Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Gift

This Christmas season our family has been the recipients of many kind gifts. I've told you of some of them. But, there is not enough room on this blog to tell you of each of the kind gifts. My children have learned much from the generosity of others.

Tonight Jessica, David, and I attended a special Christmas presentation at our church. The Texas Children's Choir and our church's choir sung lots of my Christmas favorites. Before it started, I was visiting with some friends while my 2 kids were sitting in our seats. As I came back to my seat, I noticed that Jessica was drawing. That's not unusual. She NEVER ... and I do mean NEVER ... goes anywhere without her pencil(s) and some paper. What was unusual was that I immediately noticed that she was drawing the baby that was sitting two rows in front of us in a carrier. She usually draws from her imagination, not real life stuff.

It was a remarkable drawing. Then I noticed that she signed it and wrote "Merry Christmas!" I asked her what she was going to do with it and she told me that she was going to give it to the family. I wasn't sure she'd follow through because she is quite critical of her own work. But sure enough, at the end of the program, she walked up to the couple and confidently asked them the name of their baby. They told her the baby's name was "Andelyn". She confirmed the spelling, wrote the name, and then handed them the picture.

I don't know the couple, but I noticed the mother was very careful with Jessica's drawing. I hope she enjoys it.

Jessica, you made your mother smile tonight. I'm so pleased with you and the way you use your talent!


Camille Hammond said...

That's my visiting teaching companion! (the mom) Christy. Their can't be any other Andelyns. They're a great family. What a great drawing. How fun for them!

TeriLyn said...

Wow, Jessica is so talented. I'm sure the parents loved it! how sweet of her!