Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good Bye 2009

Can you believe 2009 is almost over? It's been quite the year, hasn't it?

I have lots to tell you about. Christmas, job loss, anonymous gifts, treasures, blessings, updates, etc. But, tonight won't be the night. I have an awful headache tonight. Dwight and I went to the store in hopes of finding a "cure" for the headache that won't just knock me out cold for the night. After some research, I'm sniffing Peppermint oil. It helps a little, but I must admit that I'm contemplating taking the real drugs soon.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day ... better in terms of how I'm feeling ... today was actually a gorgeous day ... 75 degrees with just a slight breeze. Anyway ... assuming I feel better tomorrow, I'll be sure to post an update on all the above stuff. So much to share with you all. But, the most important message for tonight is:

Happy New Year! I hope this new year will bring much happiness, good health, wealth, and pure joy to each of you and yours. Talk to you next year!

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