Monday, December 28, 2009

A man died...

A man died on Christmas day. A man who did very bad things in his life. Unfortunately, I was not his only victim. He hurt many people in his life. Last night as I laid in bed contemplating this man's death, I wondered if he had died alone. I wondered if there is even one person on this earth who wishes that he were still here. Is there even one who is longing to see this man again? I then began to wonder what his reception on the other side was like? I know at least one lady who is so pure and Christlike that I suspect she met and embraced him, as any mother would her child, even a wayward child. I then began to think about how the Father might feel at the son's return. This man, even with all the horrific things he did in his life, is a child of my Heavenly Father. I believe in a loving Heavenly Father, a father who wants all of His children to succeed. How disappointed He must have felt at the horrible things this man did. What might he have done with his life, if only he had made other choices? Who would his victims have become?

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