Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Update

I'm late with the promised update.

Christmas was wonderful. We have said for years that we need to do smaller Christmases, and this year's Christmas was smaller. Yet, it was just as wonderful as any other, perhaps even more so. I think everyone was happy and content with their gifts. That's an accomplishment when you're buying for 6 kids.We received so many generous and thoughtful gifts this year. Thank you all! For the tree! (It's still alive!) For the Angel of Hope! For the yummy smelling candle! For the luxurious robe! And, the slippers! The pampering bath items! The kitchen stuff! The fondue pot and chocolates! The talk CD that I really needed to hear! The loaded tree! (Still in shock!) The basket! (We really did "snicker"!) The treats! The acts of service! The games for the kids! The frog eye salad! (still one of my favorites!) The food ... oh, the yummy food! And, of course, I can't forget "the freedom!" You all are so generous!

On Christmas eve we had the best carolers come to our door! Not only did they deliver yummy treats, but they really sang beautiful songs. It was fun to watch the little children. I wonder how the parents convinced their children to do it. I'm not sure my boys would actually sing. I suspect I'd find myself doing a solo as soon as the door opened if we ever went caroling.

We also had a traditional yummy ham dinner delivered to us on Christmas eve by our good friends. It was so sweet of them to spend their time on Christmas eve serving our family. (Sorry it took you so long to get to our house. Have I mentioned how much I dislike the gate?)

Last year I heard about another family's tradition of taking pictures as the children came down the stairs. I thought it was a great idea and decided to adopt the tradition. Unfortunately, I apparently wasn't awake for some of these pictures.Really late on Christmas night after all the children were snug in their beds, Dwight and I heard this Christmas music coming from downstairs. At first I thought, "Who would be caroling at this hour?" Dwight went downstairs obviously not suspecting carolers and found the offending phone. One of our brilliant children had figured out how to set an alarm for midnight Christmas night on our house PHONE! Seriously. It played Christmas music. I didn't know our phone had any Christmas tunes. And, I really didn't know that we could set alarms on it. I guess it takes a child. (You suspect David? Me, too.)

A couple of years ago, I was awake at a crazy early hour on Christmas morning and after finally convincing Dwight to get up we discovered that all of our children were sound asleep. So, Dwight turned on the Christmas version of the Crazy Frog song ... really loud. On Christmas eve, Johnathon checked several times to make sure that Dwight was going to maintain this "tradition."

So, Christmas morning was started with the Crazy Frog ... and this dance performance by Johnathon. You'll need to turn your head to the side ... or lie down to watch this video. Sorry, but I have NO idea how to rotate a video.

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