Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ryan's AFOs

Ryan and I went to get his new AFOs today. (AFO = Ankle/Foot Orthosis) Ryan's Developmental Pediatrician had recommended AFOs because Ryan keeps his toes curled under and his feet pointed downward. This will eventually shorten his achilles tendon. If his achilles tendon is too short, then he will require surgery before being able to walk. Hopefully, by wearing AFOs we can prevent a surgery.The same office that made Jessica's scoliosis brace made Ryan's AFOs. His are super cool.... they have Spider Man on them. After all, Ryan is a Super Kid!

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Rachel said...

My husband's cousin's baby had some of these. They didn't go as high up his leg, but I think they had a print or colors on them or something that made them cute too. He was born with neural abnormalities and has had developmental delays, but he started walking a few months ago and is getting pretty good at it now. I think he's three. He's the cutest kid too.