Monday, January 4, 2010

Updates on Ryan's Stuff & on My Cancer

We are still struggling with Ryan's feeding issues. The past week or so, he has dropped back down to about 14 ounces each day. If we give him more than 2 ounces, whether by mouth or by tube, then he starts to choke and gasp for air. It's scary. Today Dwight spent the day at home with Ryan, and fed him about 1 1/2 to 2 ounces every hour. It's nice that we were able to get that much into him. Hopefully, we can continue to do that until we can get into see a GI Specialist and get further directions.

In other areas...

Today I scheduled an appointment with a Metabolic Geneticist to explore the possibility of him having Inborn Errors of Metabolism. We'll be going in April.

I need to call tomorrow and schedule an 18 month well-child care check up with our Pediatrician.

Ryan has a follow up appointment with the Neurologist on Wednesday. Since I will be at treatments, Dwight will be taking him. That will be interesting.

Also, tomorrow we will be picking up AFO's for Ryan. AFO's are little braces that he will wear on his feet. The purpose is to keep him from pointing his toes downward all the time (like he currently does). If he continues to keep his feet down, his Achilles will be too short for him to walk. Thus, it would require surgery. It'll be interesting to see how Ryan responds to them.

As for me, my spots are getting smaller ... and redder. Radiation has been good to me. My skin is a bit irritated and crazy itchy, but other than that, nothing bad and it appears to be working. :) I have 2 more radiation treatments and then I'll be done.

On Wednesday, I have a follow up appointment with the Oncologist to find out if he thinks the treatments are working. I'm not sure what criteria will be used to judge it. It seems to me it's working. I also have my 5th treatment on Wednesday. Hopefully, it will go as well as treatment #4. Treatment #4 just caused some mild nausea and a severe headache for a few days. So, I'll let you know.

I should get to bed. Tomorrow is a really busy day.

PS I still need to tell you about the job stuff. I haven't forgotten.

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DixieJo said...

love you much and think of you every single day. thanks for the updates.