Monday, February 8, 2010

"If thou canst believe,

all things are possible
to him that believeth."

~The Savior

Well, the news isn't exactly what we'd hoped, but ...

The dermatologist's office called today. The spot they biopsied from my leg is just scar tissue. We thought it would be, and we're glad it is. Unfortunately, the spot they biopsied on my back still shows cancer cells. The good thing is that it is still the same type of Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. It hasn't mutated.

So, how am I? Ummm... I had a large slice of pineapple upside down cake (yum) and now I'd like to do nothing for the rest of the evening. I'm a bit bummed.

But ...

I also know without a doubt that everything will be alright. I know that prayers are spoken on my behalf frequently and I know that God hears those prayers. I have felt the burdens lifted from my shoulders. As the Apostle Paul admonished, "[I] believe all things, [I] hope all things, [I] have endured many things and hope to be able to endure ALL things."

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