Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another Sweet Blessing

Today one of my friends dropped off a car seat that she thought Ryan might be able to use. It looks brand new and I think it will work great! It was such a thoughtful thing for her to do. I felt so blessed!

She also stayed and visited for a little while, which I really enjoyed. She had her little boys with her and one of her sons is about 6 weeks older than Ryan. It was so fun to see him playing and moving up and down the stairs with such ease.

Some people have asked me if it bothers me to see other children close to Ryan's age playing and advancing. I have several friends who had kids kids within a month or two of Ryan's birth. It was hard at first, like when we first started to realize that Ryan was having problems. Now, I think it just makes it seem more joyful to see them. I realize what a blessing each and every little milestone is.


And, I must admit I also smile when I'm sitting quietly next to Ryan at church while their chasing their little munchkins. ;)


Debbie Cannon said...

Thinking of you tonight. Hope you are feeling better. The chemo sounds tough. Really sorry you are going through all of this.

Camille Hammond said...

We had the Gizmo wheelchair for Em and LOVED it. We also had a stander, which we've sense given to her old therapists. We never did get a bathchair-I wanted one and Robby didn't. We also eventually got a bed for her, which I also LOVED.