Saturday, March 13, 2010

I had an ...

Well, I've tried to think of the right word for this experience, but I think what I'll call "it" is a Tender Mercy of the Lord. (I love that phrase, don't you?)

So, what was "it"?

After the phone call yesterday regarding one HUNDRED milligrams of Prednisone each day, I started to kind of freak out about this whole hair loss issue. Well, it's not really the hair loss issue, it's the hair loss issue with the beautiful effects of high dosages of Prednisone. Think about it. Me. Rolly polly and bald. Nice image, right?

Yesterday as I was driving home from the pharmacy, I was thinking about my feelings and thought I need to pray about this. And, so I did. Prayer is always the answer. And, then I prayed some more. And some more.

As I was going to sleep last night, I had a thought. What about men that go bald? There are many men who know for years that they will be bald, and that it will be permanent. It's just an eventuality.

Me. I have a 30% chance of not losing my hair, and it almost always grows back. It just put it into perspective for me. Men can't wear silly wigs or beautiful scarves or fun hats everywhere they go. But, if I choose, and if I need to, I can.

So, tonight I feel thankful.

Thankful for the reminder that this is only a brief moment.

Thankful that I was taught to pray.

Thankful that God hears and answers prayers.


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