Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Keeping it honest...

I want to keep an honest record of this cancer journey.

Tonight I found some pictures I took following the Prednisone call on the 12th. I didn't post them because they aren't very flattering. A few of them show how much I really struggled with that call. The first was taken just seconds after hanging up the phone. I had been setting up the camera to show you my new hair color. After the call came, I tried to pull it together enough to go ahead with the pictures ... well, you can see for yourself... keeping it honest.

Thank heavens for little munchkins. I am so blessed with very empathetic, caring children!

(Maybe some day I'll be cool like some of my other blogging friends and will know how to create those cool picture collages.)

1 comment:

chickadee3357 said...

LOVE your hair! Not so much on the fake cheesy smile. Love you Tina.