Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Last night was good. Today my mouth is painfully sore. Pretty much anything other than water hurts. I think it's the saliva glands that is causing the problem. Not sure though.

On other fronts, I thought I'd share with you some pictures of the new equipment that we're ordering for Ryan.

This first picture is a bath chair. It looks bigger than I expect it to be. We're having a tough time bathing him now. It really takes one person to hold him and one person to clean him. This chair will make it possible for me to bathe him without needing extra hands.The picture below is a "stander." It will help Ryan to get used to pressure/weight on his legs. Hopefully, we'll be able to strengthen his legs so that he can stand eventually. This comes in other colors than just pink, thankfully. It also comes in blue and green. Can you guess which color we'll be ordering? :)
The next picture is a KidKart wheelchair/stroller. They brought one like this over for us to try last week and I loved it. The only problem is that Ryan will probably outgrow it in 1-2 years and insurance will only cover a new wheelchair every 4-5 years. Since they cost about $4,500-$5,000 we think it'd be better to buy the next step up.The "Gizmo" is definitely more wheelchair than stroller like. But, it can be adjusted to fit him perfectly now, and can later be adjusted to fit him as he grows. The best part about getting Ryan a wheelchair/stroller is that it will give him a lot of trunk support and help him to stay in the best position for his little body. And, yes, it does fold and will fit in my van trunk; however, it does weigh about 20 pounds.
They are coming over again this Friday to measure him for all the equipment and then we should be ready to place the order. I hope it doesn't take long to get it. Next, I need to find a good car seat for him. He is a half pound from outgrowing his infant carrier car seat. His next car seat will need to still be rear facing.

Anyway ... I'm going to go play a game with the munchkins and see if I can rest a little. I feel a bit tired and unusually irritable today. I think we can thank the Prednisone for the irritability. And, maybe being tired isn't helping. I have a bad habit of just trying to push through being tired. I should probably just rest instead of pushing. I suppose that's one of the "lessons" I should be learning from this. :)

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