Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Poem by David Mann

Fire or Ice

A difficult question, though it seems nice,

Which way will we all go: Fire or Ice?
My first hope, I must say, (for I am no liar)
I had hoped that it will be fire.

Because then, I said, there would be no pain,
The time would come and then firey rain.
Then again, I said, mankind takes long to burn,
So I guess that I have a lot I have to learn.

So fire is out, I said, then what about ice?
It’s not much more painful then everyday head lice.
But, I said, what if people are frozen?
Maybe it is wrong this thing I have chosen.

It’s a good thing, so nice,
That I don’t pick, (I got it wrong twice.)
Because of this question, I’ve gotten quite sick,
And I shall end with a question: What would YOU pick?



Debbie Cannon said...

I do like poems!

Camille Hammond said...

I like poems too.
On a different note, David from All Star Medical was our guy, too! Everyone says he's the best. Em's stander was also green. The Giraffe. She was usually pretty content in it. Would fall asleep quite a bit.