Friday, March 26, 2010

Queen of the Vine Coronation Dinner

Tonight Dwight and I attended the Queen of the Vine Coronation Dinner by the Brighton Center. It was held at a beautiful private club and the food was wonderful!

You might remember that I had been nominated for the Queen of the Vine and agreed to raise money for Brighton as part of the running for the Queen of the Vine. All proceeds for the Queen of the Vine benefit the children of Brighton Center, which serves children (including Ryan) with disabilities or delays and their families through an array of services. You all know how much we love Ryan's therapist and all the support people at Brighton.

So, it was an honor to be nominated; however, when I was diagnosed with cancer and started to realize what that would mean to our lives, I had to make the difficult decision to drop out. I've tried to help in some small ways since then, but could not do the larger projects that would have been fun and meaningful. I look forward to helping more in the future.
Last night the Brighton Center crowned the 2010 Queen of the Vine, Jenine Beckel who had raised an amazing $80,000! Yay, Jenine! Very impressive. They also honored the other candidate, Julie Martinez, who held more fund-raising events during her campaign than any previous candidate. They also honored last year's 2009 Queen of the Vine, Cynthia Lee, would do an amazing job!

They also honored me and gave me some beautiful flowers. I was not expecting that and was very glad that I had dressed for the occasion. :) Whew... They said the nice things about me. I look forward to doing more for Brighton Center.

Speaking of doing ... if you live here in San Antonio, I'd love for you to come help me stuff bags for A Taste of the North Side. Have you heard of Taste of the North Side? It's another benefit for Brighton, and a yummy one! You buy a ticket to the event, which you can buy from me, and when you get there you get to taste yummy food from all kinds of restaurants on the north side. Last year, Kemille, Dixie, and I attended and had a great time. It was a beautiful day, and I ate more than I should have. :) At the end, I still had some tickets left over.
But, I digress.

So, they need 750 bags stuffed for the event and since I have amazing friends, I said I'd take the job. My plan ... in mid-April (as soon as I have the supplies) ... I'll put out some yummy munchies on the bar and you can come over and spend as much time as you have available talking, eating, and stuffing. I'll let you know the dates as soon as I know. I hope you'll all show up to visit and help.


Paige said...

let me know when you are stuffing, I will come. And more importantly you look great in your dress!!

Anna and Dell said...

I'd love to help.