Thursday, March 4, 2010

An Update on Cancer Stuff

I haven't posted recently about the cancer, because I'm a little sick of the whole subject. But, in keeping with my promise to be really open about it ... here's the most recent stuff.

I had my digestive tract fully scoped and reviewed. A few biopsies were taken and everything came back normal. Whewhoo! No cancer in the GI tract. That's a relief.

Unfortunately, now I have to decide what to do with the cancer that is still there. I met with my Oncologist about 10 days ago. He had attended a conference where *the* specialist in my cancer spoke. He learned that the itching and fatigue are hallmark symptoms of active disease. So, I suppose it's no surprise that the itching has returned with a vengeance and that I'm back to being so tired that it's ridiculous. (And, I don't mean ridiculous in the way my 15 year old daughter uses the word.) He also learned that it definitely IS a relapsing Cancer and that for about 1/3 of the patients with this Cancer, it will become a more aggressive form of cancer.

So, if I weren't symptomatic, we could just wait to treat it until the symptoms start. Unfortunately, I am symptomatic which means we need to treat it. My Oncologist consulted with this other specialist about my case and he called me yesterday to go over the options.

My options are chemotherapy. There are 2 types of chemotherapy that I can choose from. I've read a little about each of them and I'm not sure which to choose. One is a more aggressive treatment than the other. What I don't know is if one will provide a longer remission than the other.

I don't know and I'm out of time (and energy) for discussing this right now. I'll keep you posted.

Please keep us in your prayers. We appreciate and feel the strengthening power of prayers!


Camille Hammond said...

We'll keep praying for you. know that I'm thinking of you!

Rachel said...

That's such a bummer! We'll be thinking about you and praying for you.