Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I went in for my shot this morning around noon. (Did you know it doesn't hurt too bad to get a shot in your stomach?)* I was pretty red when I got to the office, but I still didn't have a fever. Since I wasn't running a fever, we're going to stay on schedule for chemo #4 followed by a biopsy. So, once again, prayers were answered. Thank you all!

*Whenever I think of shots in the stomach, I recall the night I was giving Joyce a shot in her stomach. She was pregnant with Jason at the time. I was like 13 or 14 years old and really nervous about the needle hitting the baby and hurting him. Joyce assured me over and over again that it wouldn't. So, I did it. I stuck the needle in and just as I did, Jason kicked his mom so hard that I can still see his little foot print on her belly right by the needle. It was horrific! I could never do it again.

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joyce said...

Tina it really did not hurt me or him. I think he was reminding us that he loved his aunt Tina so much! Remember we laughed so hard!
I love you and think of you often.