Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Is it innate?

What is it about a pile of leaves that attracts children? Is there an inborn desire that forces them to run and throw themselves into even the smallest pile of leaves?

Tonight I took Johnathon and Deborah with me to a store. Just outside the store was a small pile of leaves. I probably wouldn't have even noticed them if it hadn't been for the way Deborah darted from my hand bee lining directly to the pile and started joyfully jumping. Johnathon quickly joined her and I stood in amazement wondering where they even got the idea.

I grew up in Indiana. We always had an abundance of leaves. I can remember raking huge piles of leaves. Of course, the best part was jumping on top of the pile when the work was done. But, my 4 year old has never seen us rake leaves. I don't remember reading any books about it with her and I don't recall Blue jumping in any leaf piles. Hmmm.... perhaps it's an innate ability to recognize ways to find joy.

Wouldn't that be great? Wouldn't it be great if we all had an ability to know just what would give us great joy? Just to know instinctively. Maybe you do. Or maybe, like me, you've had to work a little harder to figure out what brings you joy. Maybe you've had to experience some sorrow in order to realize that you have joy, or to more easily recognize the joy.

I don't know that a few years ago I would have stopped to appreciate the joy that they felt tonight as they jumped in the leaves. I might have just hurried them along to finish the shopping. I'm glad I could watch and share in their joy.

What gives you joy?

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Joyce said...

I love to watch children with bubbles and old people hold babies. The kids just laugh kind of like the leaves. The old people see joy and I think often they know he/she is coming from where they are wanting to go soon.
My joy is reading a book and feeling as if I am in middle of the book. (hope that makes sense)