Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm feeling much better tonight. Truth of it is that I felt much better immediately after blogging today. Things are tough sometimes and it's hard, but I can't imagine my life without Ryan.

Several really great things have happened today...
  • I had a great workout ... a super sweaty, super good workout. One that I will really feel tomorrow. I love that feeling!
  • I had the pleasure of a long conversation with a really good friend today.
  • I had a super long, uninterrupted fun conversation with my sweetheart. (Don't forget I have 6 kids. An uninterrupted conversation is pretty rare.)
  • I was able to deliver a van load of wrapped presents & I didn't spend a dime on the presents or even wrap a single present. Cool, right?
  • I spent almost 3 hours with a whole bunch of my favorite people tonight at a Christmas Party! It was super fun! I talked a little bit of "shop" with one friend, laughed with friends, caught up with some friends, and made a few plans with others. Best of all I picked up some more Almond Rocca for my family. ;)
I hope some good things happened in your day today. I'm off to get some sleep. Merry Christmas ya'll!

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