Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ryan's Switch & Button

 Okay, so these aren't the best pictures but I thought you might enjoy seeing what Ryan's "switch" and his "Yes" button looks like. 

The blue thing laying on the towel across his tummy is his finger switch.  With just a tiny bit of movement from his hand, he can trigger a response. 

In the top picture it is hooked up to the big yellow button.  The yellow button is then programmed to say "Yes."  It can be recorded to say anything.  (When Daddy was traveling a lot to Boston, Daddy left a message on it to say, "I love you, Ryan.")  We usually place the finger switch  on one side and the button on the other side.  This gives him the option of using either the finger switch or the button.

Since Ryan lost most of his words and his ability to sign, it's been really helpful to have the switch as a form of communication.  He still enjoys having the ability to make choices.

I'm thankful for modern technology and the people who invent nifty little devices like this. I'm thankful for people who realize that even kids like Ryan want to communicate and need ways to tell the rest of the world all that is going on inside of their brains.

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