Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Just thinking about....

I was just thinking about when we were last in the hospital.  A nursing student came into meet Ryan.  She was from another country.  After she finished her exam of Ryan, she asked me if I believed in God.  I told her that I did.  She then testified to me of her faith that God could help sustain us and lift our burdens.  She then asked if she could offer a prayer for Ryan.  I, of course, gratefully accepted.  It was a beautiful prayer.

She and I did not belong to the same church, but we both believe in Jesus as a Savior and as our personal Redeemer.  We both believe that He can heal our hurts and we both believe in the power of prayer. 

I am grateful to this woman that she was willing to share her faith with me and Ryan.  It brightened my day that day, and again today.  It reminded me of truths that I know. I hope it does the same for you today.  

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