Friday, December 23, 2011

Legendary Holidays

  One of our favorite holiday traditions here in San Antonio is Westin's Legendary Holidays.  We discovered it a few years ago and every year since several of the kids insist on going again.  

I'm so glad that at least some of the kids enjoy it because I love it! 

 This year we actually went on two different nights.  The first night I was mistaken about the time and so we missed the walk with the story teller.  Instead of just leaving right away, we visited with Santa, decorated gingerbread cookies, and made some wooden creations.

I'm so thankful that my kids are so patient with me and such great sports about things.  Even though things didn't work out the way we expected them to, we still had a great time!  Maybe even more fun than we would have had if things had happened as planned.  The best part:  we went back the next night for all the events!

Inside they have beautiful decorations that make for amazing pictures, like this one.

 At the beginning of the walk, they hand out bells and the children love the bells.

At one of the spots where along the trail, all the children gather up on the rocks and the story teller tells about the legendary snow fall.  Then he says, if we all believe there will be snow that evening.  Then the children walk toward the building and sure enough, there's a Texas snow fall. 

I won't spoil the surprise for you, but my children love the Texas snow fall!

After all the fun, there's hot chocolate and cookies to enjoy while we warm up by the fire

... and rest!


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