Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Funny Pictures

Deborah, Johnathon and I were getting ready to leave for a birthday party for one of my friends today when Johnathon decided to take a couple of pictures of me.   This one is a little blurry, but it made me smile, because it makes me look like I'm built more like my Mom when she was my age, which I'm SO not.  But, it's kind of cool to look like it in a picture ... even if it takes a blurry to picture to make me look like it.  haha.

And, this one hints at this creepy thing I can do with my neck.  The thinner I get the grosser it is. My neck looks like it's webbed and it's just ... well, it's just gross, creepy, ugh ... but in the picture below, you can kind of start seeing it.  SO ... here's the thing ... if you ever see me standing in any way that my neck starts creeping out ... please, tell me.  Ewww...

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