Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday's Update

No change today in Ryan's status.  He's still dropping every time his supplemental oxygen is moved down below 2 liters.  The doctor came in to visit.  He said he would have anticipated a change by now.  The 2nd set of x rays look better. He thought we should at least be able to start weaning him by now.   Additionally, the white blood cell count and the CRP was not as indicative for Pneumonia as he would have anticipated.  So, he ordered a CT Scan to see if perhaps we just have a lot of scar tissue in the lungs or something else going on in there. This may just be the unknown chronic Ryan disease or another chronic disease.  Also, apparently something happened and they need to redo the viral panel. He also increased the frequency of the IPV treatments to every 3 hours.  Ryan is not going to be thrilled about that.

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