Monday, July 28, 2014

Off to a Good Start

As an answer to prayers, everything has been going really well this morning.  Ryan woke up just before I needed to wake him.  Dropping David off at the airport for his competition this week went super smooth.  The van functioned well enough and we made it here.

It's always encouraging when the nursing staff is truly happy to hear that Dr. ____ is your doctor. This happened twice this morning in two different areas.  When the nurses were taking Ryan's vitals and history, the nurse Toija was so happy to hear that Dr. Benedict is Ryan's anesthesiologist.  She told me how good Dr. Benedict is and how well she takes care of her patients.  I could tell that it wasn't just a line she gave every Mom about every doctor.  It happened again when we went to the pediatric surgical holding area.  Our nurse Artie told us how skilled Dr. Magnabasco is.  Apparently, she treated her son about 12 years ago.

On the way up to the operating room, they took a quick set of x-rays.  Then in the holding area, Dr. Magnabasco came over and sat with me.  She showed me the x-rays and we discussed the plan.  She is hoping that she can do this surgery without the open reduction.  She said that it has a tendency to make kids stiff.

She does not anticipate needing any blood for this surgery, but will want to check for the next surgery.  (Did you know they no longer allow direct to donor transfusions?  She said they found it was detrimental.  Too many people were dishonest about their history just in order to be able to donate, or perhaps to hide their past from those who might ask why they weren't able to donate.   While I like the idea of a direct to donor transfusion, I certainly just want the very best for Ryan.  Hopefully, he won't need a transfusion at all, but if he does, we want it to be the healthiest option for him.)  Dr. Magnabasco and I also reviewed what she'll be doing today and, well, I just love the way she just treats me like a friend.  I love the way she sees Ryan's intelligence and talks to him.  I am 100% confident in her skills today, especially with the added strength and support of prayers.  :)

And, now the waiting begins... four to 5 hours.

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