Monday, August 11, 2014

Happy Brithday To Me

I'm 46 years old today.  Another birthday spent at the hospital.  :)

I actually don't mind it and what has made it really sweet, literally, is that one of my super thoughtful friends brought me these:

Aren't I super lucky! That bottom box contains See's Chocolates and since I'm at the hospital by myself with a child who can't eat by mouth, I don't have to share.  That's cool, right?

I also have heard that my sweet husband sent me a beautiful red roses and more chocolates, but a picture of those will have to wait till I'm back home.  I've also received SOOOO many birthday wishes on Facebook, and text messages and phone calls.  I feel very blessed to have wonderful friends and family.

And, while I have a lot of gray hairs and my skin is certainly start to wrinkle, I'm sure grateful to be aging.  It's definitely better than the alternative.  

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