Saturday, December 13, 2008

So what did I do today?

changed Ryan's diaper, nursed Ryan, checked bank accounts, updated finance record, checked on health care account, wondered why the hospital still hasn't put the charge through, checked calendar, recorded appointment with Dr Kempf for November 09, threw away the card (one less piece of junk), put Ryan back to bed, woke up Dwight asked him to get the 5 older kids ready to ride with me, showered, found out Johnathon threw up again, inquired where (whew ... he made it to the toilet), talked with Dwight to make changes to the schedule, turned off back porch light and opened kitchen blinds, plugged in family room Christmas tree, checked to see if Jacob had his Scout shirt on and his book with him, reminded kids to brush their teeth, turned off front outdoor lights and turned on livingroom Christmas tree lights, opened livingroom blinds, found Jacob's merit badge card & confirmed that we'd keep them in my drawer for safe keeping, reminded Jacob to tuck in his shirt, opened the game room blinds, laid out clothes for Deborah to wear, checked on Johnathon, confirmed that Jacob knew both the home phone number and my cell phone number, said good bye to Jessica Dwight and Jacob, checked on Deborah and David, put a piece of toast in the toaster, moved the clothes from the dryer to the couch, had David move the clothes from the washer to the dryer, sorted all the laundry, started another load of laundry, asked David to fold and put away the towels, answered questions about which towel goes where, took pillowcases off my bed, cleaned my vanity, shook out the rugs, cleaned the master water closet, moved Dwight's shoes to his closet, decided to and cleaned Dwight's vanity (again), vacuumed 1/2 of the master bath, mopped the master water closet's floor, noticed Deborah was going poopy and quickly convinced her to move to the big girl toilet, moved the pillowcases down to the laundry, celebrated Deborah going poopy on the big girl toilet, washed our hands, gave Deborah 1-2-3-4-5 treats, put a diaper on Deborah, gave David 5 treats, reviewed yellow green and orange colors with Deborah, got Deborah dressed for the day, turned on Blue's Clues with Steve, wrote in Ryan's medical journal, checked on Ryan, checked on Johnathon, opened the windows in Johnathon's room and the game room, helped David unload the newspapers from the box we received, gathered trash from the master bedroom, helped David move the gifts from G&G Mann to the tree, checked the tree to see if it needed more water, covered the downstairs couch with a blanket, helped Johnathon move to the downstairs couch, arranged towels to protect the floor and furniture, put a large plastic bowl next to Johnathon in case he needs to puke again, helped David clean the master shower, went through the paperwork on my desk, filed some papers, made a list of things to do today, added some things to the list of needed groceries, finally ate the toast for breakfast and had a glass of oj, checked to see how David was doing, helped David get a movie started for Johnathon, put a dvd back into its case and asked Deborah not to do that any more, made Johnathon & Deborah each a piece of toast, unloaded a few dishes, got the sheets out of the dryer, folded and put away the bed linens for the guest bedroom, typed up what I had done, checked on David, moved the pillowcases from the washer to the dryer, reminded Deborah not to bother the gifts under the Christmas tree, and started a load of my whites, straightened the floor of the linen closet, took Johnathon a drink of water, took the gifts from Deborah and put them back under the tree (will reattach the bows later), talked to Ryan, removed the sheets & blankets from my bed, put sheets in laundry (will do blanket another time), opened the bedroom curtains, put clean sheets on the bed and wondered why manufacturers do not indicate where the top/bottom of the sheet is ... why do I have to figure it out each time? Decided to mark it with a sharpie ... a nice long line... wondered if it'll work. Responded to Kevin's IM. Moved another bag of trash out of my room ... where does all the trash come from? continued conversation with Kevin, checked time ... 11.22 ... wondered when I should go pick up Jacob ... hope he has access to a phone to call me. turned off blue's clues in my bedroom (oh, happy day), turned on Christmas music, played with Ryan, put (dirty) blanket back on bed ... I love a freshly cleaned linens and a made bed, talked to Kevin about being a big brother, volunteered to be a reference for him ... he'll be a great big brother, resisted the urge to snitch a piece of the fudge (Dwight doesn't even know it was sent in the box from his parents), asked David to take the trash out to the trash cans, picked up Ryan ... he smiled at me!!! ... talked to him, changed his diaper, put a new outfit on Ryan, put his sleeper in the laundry, asked David to put our shampoos etc back into the shower, got caught by Deborah & turned back on Blue's clues, reminded Deborah not to yell at me, found the dvd player's remote, found a Blue's Clues episode with Joe instead of Steve and turned it on for Deborah, asked David to unload the dishwasher, nursed Ryan (enjoyed the moment to rest), checked email ... deleted 4 obvious junk mails ... followed up on Christmas order for G&G Mann, sent Dwight an email to let him know his parents should receive their gift on 12.15, checked on status of gift for Echelle's family, added that information to Dwight's email and sent it, reviewed toys r us deals of the day to see if I need to go there today, added it to my list since one of Jacob's most desired items is 40% off ... whewhoo!!! Printed the coupon for his gift and added it to the to do list, checked on Deborah, put Ryan in his carseat, went to church to pick up Jacob ... 11.51 ... still hasn't called ... don't want him sitting there waiting by himself or something... oh, first better put on jeans, gave instructions to David, loaded Ryan, and went to church. went into church and gathered Jacob, drove to gas station, talked with Dwight on the phone to see how his day is going, realized I didn't have my wallet, drove home, unloaded Ryan ... he's asleep ... put him in the crib, checked on Johnathon and Deborah. Asked David to finish cleaning the kitchen. Asked Jacob to take the pillowcases upstairs. Moved whites from washer to dryer. Started a load of our colored clothes. asked Jacob to clean up his bedroom and bathroom. checked the kids' bath tub drain. Put drain-o in it. checked time. 12.25 pm. Put pillowcases on pillows ... wondered why we have TEN pillows on our bed. Laid out some lunch foods. Asked Jacob to put mine in the oven. Decided to have a piece of fudge afterall... yummy! Folded up the guest bedroom pillowcases and put them away. Put away my comb. Finished off the bottle of water on my desk. 12.40 pm Ran hot water down the kids' bathtub drain. Picked up trash in the hall way and threw it away. Asked David to get Deborah out of my bathroom. Updated blog. turned off water in kids' bathroom. moved Deborah away from Jessica's desk. Put Jessica's art stuff out of reach. finished final touches to the master bathroom. helped Deborah clean up her toys in the master bedroom. moved g&G mann treats from off the printer to the bed. Scanned picture of Deborah and Dr bob. Put school art stuff back in art bag. found Jessica's first check and put it with her party invitation to give to her. put library cards & toys r us rewards card in my wallet. put coupons in diaper bag. cleaned trash out of diaper bag. filed receipts. put away coupons. started Christmas wish list. added Jessica & Jacob's ortho appointments to the calendar. added note on to do list to call ortho about bands for Jessica. reviewed Jessica's stack of outgrown clothes ... moved them to the quilting box. ate 1/3 of my lunch. added note to pay sarah roberts $18 for banana chips. added a blog about Deborah's first dentist appointment. finished my lunch. answered a call & verified that Jessica is planning on babysitting tonight. showed the blog to David. talked to Ryan. asked David to get the whites from the laundry room, gathered hangers for clothes. did physical therapy on my hand. checked time ... 1.30 pm. checked on Deborah. helped Jacob get movies together to return. Asked Jacob & David to go get mail ... watched from the window. reread my affirmations. Hung a picture up on my mirror that Johnathon drew for me. scanned Jessica's self-portrait. Sent self email with soccer coaches name. Filed soccer papers in David and Jacob's folders. completed Scout paperwork. Asked David to switch the colored clothes from washer to dryer. cropped Jessica's self portrait file and then added a blog about it. checked Jacob's bathtub and asked him to touch it up a bit. talked with Dwight about Jacob's privileges. looked up information for insurance paperwork. completed insurance paperwork for Dwight's additional coverage and addressed & stamped envelope. set up the black room for Ryan for visual therapy. did some physical therapy stuff with Ryan. took a few pictures to post on his medical journal later, Vacuumed master bedroom. moved visual image to right side of Ryan. finished bottle of water by my bed. Opened master bedroom window. completed some bexarmet paperwork. reminded boys to finish their lunches and clean up after themselves. checked email. drew a self portrait and posted it. filed more receipts. hung up some clothes. put away the black box and played with Ryan. folded garments. threw away the broken laundry basket piece. added new socks to list of things to buy for Deborah. received great big smiles from Ryan when I got him out of his chair. tickled and cuddled him for a couple of minutes. changed Ryan's diaper. Asked David to switch the laundry. Checked on Deborah. Threw away dirty diaper and got Ryan dressed again. Moved Ryan to his playmat. calmed Deborah and got her down from the high chair. Started the sheets in the washer. Picked up trash from the stairs & threw it away. changed Deborah's diaper. took Deborah to big girl potty. threw away the dirty diaper. hung up some more clothes. sorted & matched socks. reminded Deborah to finish pottying, greeted Dwight & Jessica. looked at Jessica's art project. reminded Deborah to finish pottying, listened to Dwight tell me what he needs to do, felt a little disappointed that he didn't even notice that I've been working my butt off today, but still glad to have it done. put away my clothes. Asked Jessica to put a diaper on Deborah & to put her down for a nap. Put away Deborah and Ryan's clothes. cleaned the potty chair, threw away the empty Soft Scrub bottle. Reminded Jessica to shower before her babysitting appointment. Put away the bathroom cleaning supplies that were returned by Jacob. Put the wipes boxes back away. Put away Dwight's garments. Put Ryan's hat in the closet. Nursed Ryan. Dried Ryan's chin. Burped him and dried his chin again. Put final touches on the master bedroom. Checked time.... 3.20 pm. nursed Ryan some more. talked with Dwight. caught up on FB. put ryan in carseat. put on mascara & shoes. curled hair. went to store to buy gift for a friend. bought gift for donation, met Dwight & Jacob at the toy store, bought Jamba Juices, went to Target and bought items on my grocery list plus stocked up on wipes since they were 30% off, came home from store, helped put away purchases, changed Deborah's stinky diaper, talked with David, ate another piece of fudge, laid out pj's for Deborah, gave a piece of fudge to David, put 2 diapers into diaper bag, left with Ryan to go Christmas shopping for kids ... 6.42 pm. filled the van with gas, talked with Dad on cell phone, stopped to eat dinner, talked with Tami, drove to store, changed Ryan's diaper, nursed Ryan & spoke to a new Grandma, bought Christmas gifts for kids, drove home & talked with Dwight, took the clothes out of the dryer and put them on the couch, moved clothes from washer to the dryer, started a new load of wash, moved gifts into my closet, watched a short video clip that Dwight had found online, turned on computer, filled bathtub, re-arranged gifts in closet, laid out Ryan's pjs, gave Ryan a bath, dried and dressed Ryan, put dirty clothes in laundry, nursed Ryan, checked email, deleted junk mail, checked out some "deals" (not really good deals though) on ebay, checked time .. 11.03 pm ... wondered when Jessica will be home from babysitting, changed Ryan's diaper again, heard Jessica come in, talked with her about her babysitting job, put Ryan in his bed, showed Jessica the gifts she wanted me to get for her, put the gifts back in my closet, picked Ryan back up, burped him some more, gave him some Mylicon, tried nursing him again, ate a pear, handed Ryan off to Dwight, watched the last 20 minutes of a tv show, updated blog, checked time ... 12.13 am ... so glad it's finally the Sabbath ... a day of rest .... hoping to get to bed soon.


TeriLyn said...

I need a nap just READING that!! How do you function on a daily basis?!

KAP said...

Okay, I'll be honest, I didn't make it past 11 (i think) but did you write this all down while you were doing it? I would forget things that I had done and what time it was at. The crazy life of being a mom (and I only have 1 kid...haha!)

Tina said...

Yup, I wrote it as I did stuff throughout the day. Imagine how much more I could have accomplished if I hadn't wasted that time. But, I did amuse myself with it. :)