Sunday, December 7, 2008

This morning I was in the kitchen making myself breakfast. (Yes, I know it was Fast Sunday, but I'm a nursing Mommy.) Jacob was cleaning up the kitchen. Johnathon was sitting at the table writing in a notebook. Jessica was sitting in the window seat drawing. Ryan and Daddy were sleeping late. And, come to think of it, I don't know where David was. Deborah was pushing the trash can all around the kitchen when I noticed she was also singing. The tune was familiar. What was the song? The ABC song. You know the one... A B C D E F G (breath) H I J K L M NOP (breath) Q R S (breath) T U V (breath) W X Y and Z. You remember it, right? Well, she was only singing S T X Y Z. So, I started singing it with her. Whenever we got to the part ... Now I know my ABC's. Next time won't you sing with me? ... yes, that part. Whenever we got to that part, she would just smile so big! It was quite cute. Tonight she sung ... or would that be sang ?? ... the song for for Daddy. She actually started with A B C D, and needed a few promptings but made it through most of the song. Is it wrong to think she must be the smartest little 2 year old in the world? Well, she is at the very least the smartest little 2 year old in my world.
And, since we're on the subject of Deborah ... check out the hair! I curled it!!! She actually stood still long enough to let me curl it. And, today she wanted her hair curled again for her class. (She loves her nursery class.) It really looked SOOO cute!

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