Monday, May 4, 2009

Another dr's appointment

Today we had an appointment with the Developmental Pediatrician. This is my least favorite appointment of all. It seemed that during the past 3 appointments with this Dr that all they really told me were the milestones that Ryan should be reaching ... but hasn't. I'm really very aware of these milestones and don't really need someone to tell them to me. They also push therapy a lot.

We still covered all the milestones today, but I also felt that I received some value from today's appointment. We discussed the growth and feeding issues we've been having. I explained that my Pediatrician had referred us to see a Pediatric Gastroenterologist but that we had not been able to get an appointment scheduled yet. So, she called and we now have an appointment for May 20th. She also ordered a modified barium swallow test with a Speech Pathologist and Radiologist. This is one of the tests that the Ped Gastro specialist will want. Having the test done prior to our appointment with him will hopefully speed that process along.

We also discussed that at our next appointment we're going to discuss the need for a special car seat and probably a wheelchair/stroller combination. Typically you move a child to a forward facing carseat when they are 1 year old and at least 20-22 pounds. However, Ryan will need to stay rear facing until he has better head & neck control. I feel a sense of relief that someone will have information on the available resources to meet those needs. So, I can put that out of my mind until October when we go back.

So, the next dr's appointment will be on Wednesday morning ... the Urologist.

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