Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I think this has been our best Halloween ever!
Last weekend we went to a Trunk or Treat party at our church. Jessica took two of her good friends with her. I think it was THE best Halloween party we've ever attended! The food was good. The games were fun, and there were plenty of treats. The kids spent a lot of time preparing their costumes, and Dwight helped them by doing incredible makeup jobs. They all looked awesome!David even won the Scariest Costume award. His makeup was creepy!
The down side to that great (early) Halloween Party is that Dwight and I really didn't want to go through all the dress up stuff again tonight. We also didn't really see the point in going trick or treating when the kids have more candy than they'll eat for the rest of the year. We told the kids this "bad news" last weekend but I expected all the kids to be a bit mopey today.
But, Dwight saved the day!

First, he took me to lunch and to see the movie "Up". It was a great date. Then we came home and made a super delicious cheese fondue and a really yummy chocolate fondue. It was all Dwight's idea. He also picked a movie that he knew all the kids would really enjoy. The kids took turns answering the door tonight and handing out treats with Dwight and me.

About half way through the chocolate fondue, Jacob -- the one I expected to be grumpiest about the decision to not go trick or treating -- exclaimed, "This is the best Halloween ever!" All the kids quickly agreed. And, I agree! This has been the BEST Halloween ever! Thanks, Dwight, for being so thoughtful and making this such a great day!Hope you all also had a Happy Halloween!

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