Monday, November 2, 2009

Bone Marrow Biopsy Done - Whew!

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers today. I was SOOOO nervous, but I survived. Thank heavens for sedation ... even conscious sedation.

The IV didn't go super well (but not as badly as Ryan's). I warned her that my veins have a tendency to roll. She stuck me in the left hand, dug for the vein for a while, and then confirmed that I was right: my veins do indeed roll. That hurt. Then she got a baby needle and stuck it into a different place on the left hand and was able to hit the vein. She wasn't able to thread it all the way, but enough that the saline was going into the vein and not my hand. So she called it good.

Then they took me back to a CT room and placed me tummy side down on the table. They hooked me up to monitors and oxygen and marked the location for the biopsy. Then gave me some medicine through the IV. I felt the medicine move through my body, just a mild relaxation. Then she added 3 more doses before they started the actual biospy. When the doctor came in, he gave me a local numbing shot. That shot HURT! He had warned me that it would, and he was right. It did. They did the aspiration and biopsy in the iliac crest on my left side, which is essentially the top of the pelvic bone.

I don't remember many more details except that I remember hearing him hammering and feeling pressure. I asked if he was hammering into the bone. He hesitated to answer, and I don't remember what he finally said. Then I remember asking if I could see the samples. Someone told me no, but then the doctor showed them to me. I remember thinking they were really tiny. Not surprising cause look at the entry point:

That's it. We got home at about 3, I think and I slept until about 7 pm. We had a mellow family home evening with constant reminders to the little ones that they need to be gentle with Mommy. I'm actually feeling okay. I have a dull ache on my left back side, and I'm looking forward to going back to sleep tonight.

The next appointment is a gynecological exam and Mammogram. Fun, right? I suppose it's a good idea to check me from head to toe.

The blood work from my Rheumatology appointment should be back on Wednesday. Then we'll be able to determine if I need a muscle biospy and a conductive nerve exam.

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Elaine Mann said...

Tina, I have just been able to gain access to your blog. I really appreciate knowing more about your progress. Dad and I are praying for you and love you so very much. We're also keeping your name on the prayer roll of this temple as I know many others are in other temples. I'm so glad that both you and Ryan are in the hands of competent Doctors. We were so releived to know that you would probably not have to have chemo. I hope that is still true. We are hearing about miracles that are taking place in the lives of so many because of the increased breakthroughs in understanding and and techniques. We also know more than ever before the effectiveness of fervent prayer. We have no reason not to expect significamt miracles for you and Ryan as we all "petition" the Lord in your behalf. Please let us know if we can help by my coming to care for kids and you when treatments begin. I can easily take a leave of absence from the temple, and would be glad to do so.
Love, Mom and Dad Mann