Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Wrapping Event

Tonight the Young Women of the Sonterra Ward (our church's local congregation) came over to my house to help wrap presents for Brighton children. The Brighton Center is having a Christmas party for all of their kiddos and their families. There were lots and lots of presents to wrap.The presents were supposed to be delivered to my house around 4 or 5 pm today. I was a little concerned when at 7 pm they hadn't arrived. I finally called the delivery lady and she was really glad I had. She had left the directions and my phone number at her office. She had been driving around for a while ... even on my street, and she had finally given up and decided to head back to the office. So, she arrived just after the girls arrived. It worked out great because all the young women just pitched in to help carry all the gifts inside.We moved all the furniture to the walls in both the living/dining room, and the family room. And, in record time, more than 100 gifts were wrapped.
Thanks, ladies, for all your help! I hope you all have a very merry Christmas! I know you have brightened mine and many little children's Christmas season.
Thank you!

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