Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Today's Medi-Port Procedure Delayed

I went to the hospital this morning at 7 to get the medi-port placed. Nurse Amy was able to get the IV placed after only 1 failed attempt ... so 2 pokes. They took some blood and while we waited to hear back from the lab, the nice nurse, Stephanie, showed me a medi-port and explained the procedure.

I heard some hushed tones at the nurses desks and phone calls being made. I thought I heard my name and my oncologist's name. So I waited anxiously. Sure enough a few minutes later the nurse came over to explain that my white blood cells have taken a nose dive. Apparently, I have "neutropena" which is not uncommon with the type of chemotherapy drugs I am taking. The dr came in to talk with me and explained the change in plans.

So, I went back to the dr's office to get a shot. Matt gave it to me in my stomach, and it really didn't hurt. It can cause flu like symptoms, but not everyone gets them. Hopefully, I'll be one of the lucky ones. Matt will repeat the shot again tomorrow as it should help my bone marrow to build some extra white blood cells.

Then on Friday I'll go back to the hospital. They will retake blood and look at my count. If it's all good, then we'll do the medi-port that day. If not, then I'll have 3 more consecutive days of shots and then we'll do the port on Monday followed by chemo on Tuesday.

So, pray that my bone marrow cooperates and starts creating sufficient white blood cells. I'd like to have at least a few days to heal before they start pumping drugs into the port.

Oh, and one more thing ... I woke up to a bunch of hair on my pillow ... hair that was no longer attached to my head. (Did I tell you that I lost 2 large handfuls on Saturday night.)
Anyway ... it's a good thick I have a lot of hair. I noticed that I'm a little thinner in front and on my left side, but I don't think anyone else would even notice it. I think it's odd that I lost hair last night cause my head had finally stopped hurting. So, who knows. Maybe the next time you see me I'll be sporting the newest fashion ... bald. hahaha.

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