Friday, April 2, 2010

Medi-Port is in place ... whew!

I went to the hospital this morning and after 2 sticks and a blown vein they were able to at least get blood to send to the lab. The wait to get the results seemed to take an eternity. Eventually, the numbers came back and they were good! (Actually, my white blood cell count skyrocketed above where it needed to be.)

So, Richard the nurse came over to do get my IV in place. I have to admit I was dreading being stuck more. So, when he started I said a prayer for him. Then I felt the stick of the needle, and then it felt like he took the needle out. I looked down fully anticipating seeing him holding gauze over my hand and looking for another vein. Instead he had the IV already in place, threaded and everything! I was so thankful! It was the least painful IV I have ever had!
Once they got the IV in place, it was about another 30-45 minutes before they took me back to the procedure room. They gave me "conscience sedation" or "moderate sedation." I remember talking to them for a while after they gave me the first dose, and then they gave me a second dose. I then remember asking him if he just cut my skin, he said yes and then asked them to give me a 3rd dose. Needless-to-say, I don't remember anything until a couple of hours later.

The port is in place. I had been told that the scar would be low enough on my chest that no one would be able to see it. What do you think?
I suspect, everyone is going to be able to see it ... unless I wear a turtleneck all the time.

PS I can't take the bandages off till Monday.


Anonymous said...

They totally lied to you. Get your money back.

Anna and Dell said...

Anna had your blog up and had to comment:

Yup, too high and tight. I usually put them about inch down and 1.5 inches over, but sometimes people complain of problems with the pectoral muscles out there. If they do a good closure going in and taking it out it may not be that noticeable. Either way it becomes a sort of badge of honor.