Thursday, October 21, 2010

The results are in, and...

All of the hepatology tests were negative. The bone marrow biopsies were both negative. Most of the blood work came back within normal range. The few things that were outside of normal range are not worrisome.

As for the PET scan, there were a few tiny areas that lit up on the back of my lower neck and on my upper right thigh. They were all very small. The mammogram also found a small lump in my breast.

So moving forward, the plan is to stop the maintenance treatments. This doctor thinks it serves no valuable purpose. It is the same drug that we used in the first round, which wasn't entirely effective. Therefore, this doctor thinks that it won't prevent the lymphoma activity completely, but could mask the lymphoma on tests.

Additionally, he still wants me to have a dermatology consult. He'd like the dermatologist to biopsy anything she thinks is suspicious. And, I'll see my Rheumatologist next week to determine if I'm having autoimmune issues, again.

All in all, the news is good. Thank you all for your prayers. I'm looking forward to not having treatments for a while.

And, now I'm off to color my hair ... Auburn. Sounds like a good fall color. :)

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