Saturday, November 12, 2011


Every night Deborah prays. Every night Deborah prays that she will not have bad dreams.  AND, every night ... without fail ... Deborah prays for her friend H-y.  She has loved H-y for the past few years now.  She just thinks he is the best guy ever!  I have to agree that he is a pretty great young boy!  He's such a gentleman:  polite, cute, and really funny! 

Well, today he had a birthday party.  Starting several hours before the birthday party, Deborah started asking me how much longer till the birthday party.  She, of course, wasn't content with "a few more hours."  No, she wanted an exact count down, "4 hours and 11 minutes."  ... "3 hours and 48 minutes" ... "3 hours and 24 minutes" ... "2 hours and 56 minutes" ... Well, hopefully, you get the idea.  The countdown happened frequently. 

Oh, and picking the present was LOTS of fun!  We have a family budget for friend's birthday gifts.  It's the same for every friend and for every kid.  It's always the same, BUT if one of the children wants to spend more than that then they are welcome to spend their own money.  I think Deborah might have spent her entire piggy bank, if she had found a present that required it.

It was so fun to watch her pick the presents.  It was fun to see the process.  She has such a mind of her own.  (I have no idea how I have so many children with such independent strong spirits.  haha!)

Anyway ... then we went to the party.  It was so fun!  Then they played a game.  It was a game kind of like tag, but they would thrown this "cushion" and if the cushion hit you then you were out.  I wanted to play!  It looked like a lot of fun! Deborah was running fast and staying far from the cushion, never taking her eye off the cushion. 

Then I saw it ... fear.  She wasn't just playing a game.  She was scared of the cushion hitting her.  She was running to protect herself!  (Oh, if only you could see her face in this picture. )

Thankfully, Liam (H-y's older brother who was helping with the party & is also a such a gentleman) tagged her by getting her out on the leg.  Yay, Liam!  As soon as she was out, I went over to check on her.  She was so relieved to be out of the game.

That was it for her on the games, but boy! She had SO much fun, and she LOVED being at H-y's party!

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