Monday, November 7, 2011

You've heard the old saying: "Pick your battles."

My little Deborah loves to pick out what she's going to wear each day. I've learned not to pick that battle. So, each day I give her choices. A few choices. We usually do okay that way.

Today she picked a BEAUTIFUL red dress.  One of the most beautiful in her closet.  She even wanted me to blow dry her hair and curl it for her today.  She really wanted me to put some makeup on her too, but I had to draw the line at that one.  She is a little young for makeup.

I suspect she knew I wasn't going to do makeup.  So far, so good right?  Then I asked her to go get her socks and shoes on.  She picked her beautiful fancy white socks with the beautiful white lace.  Of course, she INSISTS on wearing them as knee highs, which means the lace is up by the knees instead of folding them over.  But, pick your battles right?

Then she comes back in my room to tell me she's ready to go to church.  I turned around to tell her thanks and to give her a kiss.  Imagine my surprise when I looked down at my beautiful daughter with her beautiful curled hair in her beautiful dress and in beautiful (knee-high) socks AND HER CONVERSE SHOES!

Yup!  You read that right.  Black & white Converse shoes.  The ones that match her brothers.  She thought they looked perfect.  There was no changing her mind.

"Pick your battles."   Right?

Notice her socks' ruffles are at her ankles.  I picked my battle and she wore her Converse today.

(And, she still looked absolutely beautiful!)

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