Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This morning's update

Ryan had a rough night last night. He coughed up A LOT of mucous and his respiration rate stayed much too high and his oxygen saturation levels were not high enough.

This morning the doctor has him on breathing treatments every two hours and IV fluids only (no food still).  They are having to suction his nose and mouth due to all the blood and mucous that he is excreting/coughing up.  It's good that he's getting it up. 

This morning he had a tiny air bubble on his tummy and even just that small air bubble caused respiratory distress by pressing against his lungs.  Thus the need to still keep him off all food and only on IV fluids.  

The doctor estimates we will be here for 4 days.  Just an hour after his breathing treatments today his oxygen levels were only 88 and that's while on 1 liter of oxygen. We need him to be able to maintain above 93 on his own, ideally around 95 without any oxygen.  


chickadee3357 said...

Low oxygen levels are scary. Poor little guy. Praying for him and you.

Liz said...

You, your family and little Ryan are in my thoughts and prayers.