Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Neurologist Appointment

Ryan and I went to see the Neurologist today.

I updated Dr Seals on all the other doctor appointments, their diagnosis, and the new tests. We discussed that Ryan's red blood cell and platelet counts were really high on his hospital labs. He is anxious to see what they look like now. He is also anxious to see what we learn from the GI tests.

As for now, we're going to continue giving the same amount of medicine for the seizures, double the vitamin B6 dosage, and just hope for the best. The dr would like to delay the next MRI. He thinks we've been putting the little guy through enough and that we're just not going to get that much new information from an MRI due to him still being a small guy. So, we'll look at doing that later this year.

The appointment today was very enjoyable. We had quite the intellectual conversation. I'm reading a book called The Great Brain by HP Newquist. Dr Seals enjoyed looking through it and gave his stamp of approval on it. He also recommended a couple of other books that I might enjoy: The Executive Brain and Human. I might have to make a trip to the library soon.

PS Check out Ryan in his glasses. He looks smart enough to be able to read the Brain books, right? :)

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that is such an adorable picture!