Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More Good News

I went for more tests and biopsies yesterday. Thankfully, there is NO cancer in my GI tract! Whewhoo!!!! And, thankfully, that test is over. I'm so thankful for my good friends: Jana who took such good care of loopy me, Jamie who took care of getting Jessica to and from school, Mary and Ally who managed 4 of the kids for co-op and the afternoon, and to Myrna who once again took made sure Ryan had a great day! Thank you all!

And, yes, Jessica, I now remember that Sister Wilson brought you home. :)


Unknown said...

Yeah so excited for you. One less thing to worry about

Camille Hammond said...

I've been thinking of you while I'm in WA. I'm glad that this biopsy was ok. I'm sorry about the other! I hope Ryan's doing okay, too!

Jeremy & Echelle Slade said...

That is great that you won't have to deal with that! We sure do love you, Tina. Keep it up! You are amazing!