Wednesday, May 12, 2010

13 years ago

This morning at about 4 am MST marks the 13th anniversary of the one and only time that my water broke. I was pregnant with Jacob and I woke up when I heard a popping noise. Then I rushed to the restroom cause I thought I had just peed the bed.
I had heard from experienced mothers and read in books that sometimes the weight of the baby makes it hard to hold your urine. I had also (heard what I considered to be nightmare) stories about women who thought their water broke in public ... like at the grocery store ... only to find out that it wasn't their water. It was their urine.I was confident I didn't want *that* to happen. So, when I didn't mention it to Dwight. Instead I played solitaire while I tried to time contractions. But I wasn't really having any contractions. My back just hurt.
So, I took a shower early in the morning, played some more solitaire, and even called a friend. I asked her about contractions and she told me that they have a definite start and a definite stop. The pain I was feeling ... and the hardening of my stomach ... didn't really have a definite start or stop. And, it didn't really hurt as badly as I expected. So, I got ready for work.Dwight and I drove to the office where I continued to leak a little for the next 4 hours. Just before lunch one of the other ladies on my team was telling her birthing story and mentioned the "leaking of water for hours." I thought I probably should just check with the doctor.
I called and they of course told me to come in immediately. I called Dwight and asked if he was available to go to lunch. He was. So I explained that we needed to just drop by the OB's office for a quick check. I didn't really say anything else.When I was on the exam table they checked me. When the nurse asked me, "When did your water break?" I calmly replied, "Probably at about 4 this morning." Dwight was shocked! And bugged that I hadn't mentioned it. They told me to go immediately to the hospital. I asked if I could go get lunch first. (Remember, I wasn't in pain, just a little uncomfortable, and the hunger was obviously stronger than the discomfort.) They were bugged that I even asked.I should have just gone to lunch cause I was starving for the next 24 hours. Ice chips. Please. Why does anyone think that a woman should be able to labor ... yes *labor* for 24 hours on an empty stomach. At least give me some jello!Anyway ... I pushed and pushed and pushed ... well, I could go on for a while since I pushed for 2 hours! I begged for a repeat c-section, but the dr assured me that I would be glad that I didn't have one as he shoved forceps into me. Seriously, never go with the forceps. I wasn't glad. And, I still ended up with a c-section.But what I am glad about is that I have Jacob. He's a good kid! I have learned so much from Jacob. I am a better method because of Jacob.I'm looking forward to a day of celebration! We'll celebrate his 13 years, and many, many more to come!

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