Tuesday, May 5, 2015

New "Dive Suit"

We have been waiting for more than a month for this custom fit "dive suit." And, we are so excited that it's finally here and it actually fit perfect. (At least that's what we think today. Hopefully, the Physical Therapist will agree.)

 No, we're not taking Ryan diving. (However, that would be really cool if we could.) This "dive suit" is actually a dynamic movement orthotic or a dmo suit. It's also sometimes referred to as a dynamic lycra orthosis or a dynamic elastomeric fabric orthosis. Those are the fancy names for it. Dive suit sounds so much better, doesn't it? And, it kind of looks like a wet suit, a shorty, right?

I was surprised when we got it that the fabric isn't as thick as I anticipated. The other dynamic movement orthotics that I've seen seem to be made from a heavier weight material that feels like neoprene, you know wet suit material. This Dive Suit is kind of like Spanks on steroids. But, a Spank Suit just doesn't sound right.  ;)

So, why is Ryan wearing a dive suit? Well, the fancy reasons are: proximal control, core stability, biomechanical re-alignment, improved posture, dynamic balance, improved muscle function, improved muscle tone.

Basically, we're hoping it helps with his scoliosis, shoulder sublexation, and hip rotation. So far, Ryan reports that he likes it. But, here's the best part:

When we sat Ryan up, I put his hands down on the exam table and reminded him that he could push through his hands to help keep himself up. Normally, without the dive suit, Ryan sits in a C shape and needs maximum support. He can't sit at all by himself. Normally, when I put his hands down and remind him to push through them, he pulls them back up off the table. And, normally, he rests his head on me while I support him. NOT THIS TIME! 

When I reminded him he could push, he pushed! He was able to sit (almost) straight up and hold his head up for several seconds. He loved it, too. When I laid him back down to rest, he'd rest for a couple of minutes and then try to get himself back up. Isn't that cool?

I'm so thankful for the people who design these awesome medical technologies, the investors who believe in them, the engineers who perfect them, and the doctors and therapists who know when to use them. We live such a blessed life!

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